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Why Pilates?

Pilates offers both mental & physical training. By improving mind body awareness and focus, tension is released from the body and correct postural alignment is taught.
The creation of a powerhouse through core stabilization exercises is the most effective way to strengthen the torso and protect the spine for everyday activities.
Precise, controlled flowing movements mean that the muscle & ligament damage associated with other fitness routines can be avoided. Many people are looking for a gentler form of of exercise that will build strength without adding bulk, improve flexibility and enhance appearance as well as performance - Pilates does just that!

Pilates exercises will change the way you move, feel and look when practised regularly & correctly.
Benefit from:
- greater strength & muscle tone
- improved posture & flexibilty
- more efficient respiratory, lymphatic & circulatory systems
- increased bone density & joint mobility
- a stronger, healthier & supported spine
- boosted immune system
- fewer injuries & improved performance

Why Polestar Pilates?

Polestar President Brent Anderson brings a scientific and holistic perspective to the work of Joseph Pilates. His extensive background in rehabilitation and movement science expands on Pilates’ principles by adding manual skills, advanced body awareness, and principles from motor control theory. The Polestar Pilates Method applies current research and practice in orthopaedics, sports medicine and movement science to the principles of Joseph Pilates.

Polestar offers the most comprehensive Pilates-evolved rehabilitation and fitness curriculum and certification in the world today. Medical facilities, performing arts conservatories and fitness trainers use our innovative system of Pilates-evolved techniques worldwide.


Suitable for everyone

The workout is surprisingly relaxing and revitalising. It's gentle enough for mothers-to-be, yet challenging enough for the super-fit. It's a programme that works for everyone, regardless of age or condition.

Conditions the whole body

Many other exercise programmes take a "body parts" approach to conditioning, with isolated exercises for each muscle group. The Polestar Pilates Method trains the whole body - coordinating the upper and lower musculature with the body's centre. For example, most exercises on the Reformer work a number of muscle groups at once in smooth, continuous movement, elongating at the same time as they strengthen and stretch. The result: muscles that are long and strong.

Creates a balanced body

With the Polestar Pilates Method, no muscle group is over trained or under trained. Your entire musculature is evenly conditioned, helping you meet lifestyle goals and play sports more efficiently with less chance of injury. The programme dramatically improves strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and posture. It creates a body that looks long and lean, with slender thighs, flat abdominal muscles and a strong back.

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